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ECHO Partners AG

One of the most interesting & best performing
Hotel- / Real-Estate Funds

ECHO Partners AG enables investors to invest in a unique niche of the real estate universe: hotels in A-City/A-Location tourist destinations with an existing or upcoming supply shortage (due to demographic, regulatory or other reasons) while simultaneously experiencing a demand increase.

 nova Steady HealthCare (nova SHC)

One of the best performing healthcare funds

The fund nova Steady Healthcare (nova SHC) focuses on the global health sector and profits from a higher growth than the average GDP, a sustainable growth potential (aging of the world population, medical innovations, set-up of the healthcaresystems in emerging markets) and a low dependency on economic cycles.

Prudentgroup | Hades Investment Group | Katch Investment Group

One of the best performing private debt funds with  a very low risk and high yield profile.

The fund are structured as an open ended Special Investment Fund with a variable share capital. Registered in Luxembourg, the European center for cross-border sold investment funds and regulated by the financial regulatory authority, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).